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Hello, welcome to battle-scapes home site. Battle-scape is a moparscape server and currently under work with highley skilled server makers. When it does come out, the server ip will be  Visit our forum at                                                                     or you can check out future plans and sneek peeks from this website!

Official battlescape server owners:

Server owners: K n i g h t and Admin rock

Official CO-owner: Rangin newb

Official Admins: StrongMage, Admin Kane

Official b-scape mod: Pay 150k to be an Official mod (only 1 person!)

(*being official mod just means mod in front of your name)
Starter items:
~gilded top,legs and helm
~d scimmy
~ammy of fury
~legends cape
~infinity gloves and boots
~Dragon Shield

KEY: here are some of the featured items in battle-scape.
Circled in blue: the items circles in blue are 3 of the items you will start out with
Circled in green: the items in green are a little harder to get and will be considered rare
THE RED QUESTION MARK: this item will only be given to people who pay  400k to be a Co-Owner

Times viewed

Prices: co-owner-400k, admin-200k, mod, 100k all real runescape money

Battle scape comin soon!