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This page will include key areas of battle-scape and what you can do there.
Safe cities:
~Falador castle
~cammy (not party room)
~the wild :-)
~mage arena
Scroll down to see area images and descriptions


The party room is where you start out and you can train your skills here by attacking dummys, targets, and closing doors.






Falador is one of the main cities in battle-scape. the park is where all the shops will be, the normal part is safe, and the castle (shown above) will be part of the wilderness



[image]The mage arena will also be the home of two of the best monsters: Kalphite queen and the jad. killing these monsters will get you rare drops and alot of cash. it is also the wilderness so be careful of other players.

There will aslo be something called the pk box in a small building near ape atoll. it is shaped like a box and has a dark shade around the box. the shade is safe but step inside the box and you can have free for all wilderness battles.

Battle scape comin soon!