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Here are the rules of battle-scape. me and the other four admins decided to go easy on them :)
1. no cursing mass teleing! caught once:kick caught twice: ban
3. DO NOT ask admins for items especially rares.
4. do not ask to become admin,mod or co-owner without paying
5. Can you kill or team on admins or the 4 owners? YES! :-) we belive in giving you chances to gain all of our valubles and you also get a rare item reward if you kill us! (does not count for mods)
6.No item scamming or its an automatic acc ban.
7. No luring members under 10 cmbt lvls of yours.
8. do not talk back to an admin, mod or co-owner if we ask you to stop doing something.
9. No killing the npc`s that sell items
10. have fun lol :-)
Admin benifets:
~ can ban or kick players up to 24 hours
~ can get any item in the whole game
~ gets a special item that only admins can have
~ can lagg someone who is breaking the rules
~ can do anything mods can
~ can mute players for up to 24 hours
~ can use exclusive admin commands
~ maxed summoning
Admin rules:
~ do not ban or mute anyone for no reason
~NEVER GIVE AWAY THE ADMIN ITEM or you will get an automatic ban and no refunds
Mod Benifets:
~ can kick other players (for a short period of time)
~ can get all the mod sets we offer (sets of rare items)
~ Can mute players for up to 24 hours
~ gets a special mod item
Mod Rules:
~never mute for no reason
~DO NOT give away special mod item!
~can do anything admins and mods can do
~Can have max stats
~ GETS A SPECIAL ITEM that can enable you to hit up to 200s!
Folow all admin rules
Owners: can do anything they want :p
PRICES: co-owner:400k Admin:200k Mod:100k

Battle scape comin soon!